Rat Menace

Question: to Ask the Workplace Doctors

Request you to assist to prepare Draft mail to Employees on “The employee’s store food items in the workstation storage’s which leads to this Rat menace”

Signed, Stop It


Dear Stop It:

Make it short, clear, firm and personal. Obviously you want employees to stop storing food in the workstation. Caps in your request signal you are angry about a practice that feeds rats. So make your statement firm and couple it with signs posted such as “Feeding station for rats and mice is outside.” or Don’t feed rats here!” Your mail draft might be worded as: Coworkers: Storing food in our workstation attracts rats. WE CAN STOP IT!Our Archives include several Q&As on this topic: Rats!!! http://workplacedoctors.com/wpdocs/qdetail.asp?id=1222Rat For Lunch http://workplacedoctors.com/wpdocs/qdetail.asp?id=1854Rats In It http://workplacedoctors.com/wpdocs/qdetail.asp?id=3689 Remember creating a smoke free work environment didn’t happen in a day.

Achieving that entailed committees “buying in” to the idea and persuading those who make policy to do so and to communicate the new policy. You alone can’t stop it, but I predict you can persuade others to join you. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and working together even on small things requires doing what’s rat (pronounce rat in southern dialect for the word right.

William Gorden