Recent Award Against California Hospital

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about monetary penalty:

With the recent monetary and lashing out against a hospital of all places, and a doctor who should have known much better how to kindly respect a humans feelings, life sets a new standard in US History that workers indeed will get respect or face huge settlements backed up by US Courts. Commonsense and respect of everyone is what matters most in life and the US Courts have just set a new prospective that all employers should be paying closer attention to in coming days, weeks.

Signed, Take Care Give Respect

Dear Take Care Give Respect:

Thank you for this reminder. I’m not sure to what recent big reward you refer, but it and older ones serve as fair warning about the kind of care that is expected and required. If you see ways to do this that need special attention, feel free to send more details. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, if understood also means lack of that can cost one’s workplace big time!Comment from Tina Rowe: I’m familiar with the 168 plus million dollar award in California against Mercy Hospital. I don’t agree with that amount of punitive damages, although I think the evidence showed that there was wrong-doing and that the behavior of physicians in the cardiac care unit was often unprofessional. In addition, although there was no allegation that patients didn’t receive good care, there were allegations that they were talked badly about on occasion.The plaintiff was awarded forty some million for lost salary and emotional damages, which probably was close to fair. But 125 million dollars punitive damage is a jury getting revenge for the plaintiff.The bottom line is that while I am opposed to any kind of harassment, I’m also opposed to astronomical awards that go far past any damages that were claimed and far past what was needed to “send a message”. I think forty million would have sent a message too. TLR

William Gorden