Resignation Leaves Me Short of Pay Earned


I’ve resigned with two (2) weeks notice, as stipulated in my contract; however, my employer didn’t accept my two weeks notice. Only pay me for work done till resignation date and due leave. I had still leave from the previous year, that’s why I took 10 day’s before resigning. My total notices were 30 day’s Sat & Sun included (17 June, 15 July. She ended my period and wasn’t willing for me to work my two weeks notice. Can I claim the money?


Short Pay Earned


Dear Short Pay Earned:

The contractual details and what your employer is doing regarding your pay are both of practical and legal matters. Our site responds to communication-related, not legal topics. Therefore, I advise that you consult with a labor attorney to get an informed answer to whether you can claim you are getting money owed you. You might consult your country’s department of labor. But legal recourse often costs more than is received and it takes time and creates a record that might damage your future contracting. Perhaps you could argue your own case in a small claims court, but realistically, likely your best chance is to work within the company with which you contracted. Make the case to Human Resources and take it up the ladder if you don’t get a fair resolution of it. State your claim both in writing and face-to-face. Don’t threaten to sue, but keep that as back up action.

Respectfully, I hope you will be able to contract your services elsewhere and will find this unhappy experience informs your future work. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Hopefully you will find your next workplace one that realizes that.

William Gorden