Resigned. Rumor I Was Fired!


Recently, I resigned from my job. My employer and I came to a mutual agreement that things were not going to work out for me with the company. I was very unhappy working there and my supervisor was well aware of it. The company gave me a severance package (2 weeks of pay) but made it very clear in the agreement that was 8 pages long that they admit no wrongdoing.

After leaving my job, one of my former co-workers called me to ask how I was doing because she heard I got fired. I told her that I did not get fired and that I resigned do to irreconcilable differences between me and other co-workers. In addition, she said that there’s a lot of gossip going around the office about how I am crazy and that I am bitter about losing my job. I have informed the HR department and the president of the company (who is an attorney) that I am suing the company and my former co-workers who are smearing my name for slander. Do I ! have a case for slander?


Fired or Resigned


DearĀ Fired or Resigned:

Read the definition of slander. Doing that plus getting an opinion from an attorney or more than one attorney, who is an expert in that area, will answer your question. Our site does not give legal advice; however, if false statements are being made about you that damage your reputation and especially if they hurt your livelihood, it may be that you have a case. Gossip by a former employer that meets the criteria of slander may place him at risk. Gossip only by co-workers is less likely to. Learn to the best of your ability, while not seeming too nosey, what specifically has been said, by whom to whom and when. Then see an attorney. Learn what is her/his prediction and interest in taking the case and what are the fees, before you sue.

Once you come to a decision, if you feel you can share what you learn, please let us know how you made that decision. Our forum helps others in like situations by learning first hand from those experiencing difficult times. Hopefully you can look back on the job you just left as a learning experience, at least learning what does not work well for you, and what it was made your working situation mutually unhappy.

Work is hard enough without being unhappy with one’s boss. May your next job be good for you and you to it. Our signature WEGO symbolizes that hope and that potential.

William Gorden