Retail Supervision

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about demotion.

I’m an area supervisor and I wanted to know if I was to demote myself to a regular associate can I still receive my same hourly pay?

Signed, Don’t Want To Supervise

Dear┬áDon’t Want To Supervise:

Can you receive the same pay? I doubt it. Usually more responsibility means more pay and less responsibility means less pay. You need to discuss “demoting” yourself with your boss and/or Human Resources, don’t you? Such a decision will affect your career with your current employer and possibly later with other employers.

Therefore think through your decision before proceeding. Do you just want to have a job or do you want to have a career in this kind of work? Do you want to stay with your current employer? Are you simply frustrated with the responsibilities of being a supervisor of certain individuals or of anyone? Have you had adequate training for supervisory work? Do you think you can help shape your job as supervisor to your liking with the help of your boss? Are you thinking big enough; by that I mean are you committed to the work of your workplace?

I understand you wanted answers and what I am giving you is more questions. Answer them and you will be able to answer the more important questions in your life. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that’s what you want for yourself and for those you supervise. The big questions before you are not if you can you demote yourself and keep the same pay, but:

Are you able and competent at your job;

Are you adding value to your workplace?

Do you have a job that you really care about;

Do you have passion for it?

How well do you fit in your workplace?

William Gorden