Retired/Trainer Coworker Wants Me To Fail


My coworker has already retired and has stayed on to train me until December. She continually holds back information and does not train me to the fullest. She has given me work and then says she hasn’t. She keeps the most difficult and important assignments and gives me busy work. I know she wants me to fall.


Don’t Want To Fail


Dear Don’t Want To Fail:

Plan. We don’t plan to fail. We fail because we fail to plan. · Q. How might you apply this maxim? · By planning. List the tasks you have already learned and those you as yet need to learn. You now have two options: 1. Take this list to your retired/trainer. Engage her in review of your list and ask her modification and expectation of when each task can be adequately learned between now and December. Say you might be wrong but that you think that she is holding back and wants you to fail. Explain why you feel this way. This should evolve to candid collaboration or a three-way meeting with both of you and your superior. Hopefully it will result in posting the list with dates when training for each should be complete. Check them off with pride and praise for your trainer. Log her instructions and get her to sign off on or to correct them. 2. Check with your supervisor to see if your list is complete and when she/he expects you to be able to do them all. Prepare a schedule for that. Frankly tell your supervisor that you want her oversight because you think your retiree/trainer is holding back and wants you to fail. Propose that your superior have a three-way meeting with the retiree/trainer to go over the list get her buy-in or modification of when that schedule can be accomplished. You might think of a third way to help this individual train you; such as being more grateful for what she is doing well and praising her. Realize that knowing how to do something is akin to learning new dances. That requires instruction; step by step, repetition, correction, and doing it on your own. Help her learn how to train. Make her continuing employment enjoyable. Tell her that if she can train you well that that could be a part-time job she could do for others, and that you could be her Exhibit A. Remember that ego is ever present, but also be mindful that working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Do what you can to make WEGO live.

William Gorden