Rumors Of Being Wrongfully Accused

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about falsely accused of stealing:

I work for a video store company. And every time something is stolen, the store manager accuses us of helping older workers who had quit or got fired for stealing. But none of the old workers have returned to the store. And the store mangers tells other coworkers that I am the one helping them steal. I can prove that am not stealing or not helping anybody, but all my manger does is try to find ways to fire people or try to find a way for people to quit for no good reason and he spreads rumors that are not true. What can be done if it continues to happen?

Signed, Target of Blame

Dear Target:

My advice is to find a different job! I doubt that you can convince your manager that you have not stolen. Obviously he feels the pressure of not losing videos and money, and he has a habit of blaming past and present employees. And he might take his next accusation to the police and that could cause you trouble. So take great care not to do anything that can be seen as stealing. Consider this a learning experience. There are more employee-respectful bosses out there. If you need work, of course don’t quit impulsively. Find another job first. Take care to check out what those employed think of their bosses and working conditions before signing on for your next job. Working life is not a bed of roses and it might take work at more than one workplace before you find a job you like. But life is too short to work where you are not respected. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and I doubt that where you work now that is possible.

William Gorden