Sarcastic Eemployee!


An employee does not get along with certain employees and makes their lives unbearable. This employee is sarcastic and enjoys being mean to others.


Working In A Mean Climate


Dear Working In A Mean Climate:

You haven’t given us examples of what this mean and sarcastic person has said or done. We recommend that you take the time to log what she/he said, to whom it was said, when and where. Wwhat incident(s) provoked the sarcasm and meanness? Also you have not told us if you are one of the persons who are spoken to that way. How long has this been going on? Does the supervisor/boss know about it and has he/she made an effort to stop it?

Stopping mean/sarcastic talk is both a victim and a supervisor’s responsibility. If you are spoken to meanly, you need to tell that person, “I don’t like to be spoken to that way. If you need something, ask kindly and I will do my best to do what you want within reason.” Use your own words, and express yourself firmly and politely.

If this sarcastic/mean co-worker is not cooperative, it is the job of a superior to confront him/her and then to monitor future behavior. Good bosses encourage teamwork. They make it clear that teamwork begins with civility. Sometimes a superior spells out the dos of civility and don’t of incivility. Rather than repeat what we have advised many other times, I have cited four Q&As you can review in our Archive. Read these and tell us what you have learned from them:

Mean Co-workers Bully In The Workplace Dealing With A Mean Employee Can We Stop Bickering? Work is hard enough without co-workers who are sarcastic and mean. What might you do to change this kind of behavior? Working together sometimes requires confronting meanness. Then you will know that working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden