Saturday Night Music

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about radio over PA:

I work permanent nights. Each and every night we have a radio playing through our PA system for entertainment. There is around 100 staff on site at any time. The problem is on Saturday nights; we have to listen to trance music that is very, very disrupting, annoying and causes me to lose concentration. The majority of staff does not like it, but because it was voted in a few months ago, it has to stay on. A manager, some days ago, changed the channel because of all the complaints. He has since been disciplined. What is your advice about this music?

Signed, Bad Music on Saturday Nights

Dear Bad Music on Saturday Nights:

I don’t know what you mean by “trance music.” But whatever it is that makes your work more difficult can be changed. Circulate a petition to re-vote on the type of music wanted. That appears to be the method to change it if enough of you don’t like it. Your workplace is democratic in this way. So speak up to get the kind you like voted in. Meanwhile, use earplugs to cut out at least some of the sound.You imply that your manager was disciplined for changing the channel. That might or might not have been the reason for his discipline.

Probably you don’t know the whole story and what you have learned is gossip. Forget that and focus on doing your job. I don’t know the kind of work you do, but music that is too loud can be stressful no matter what its type. So do not hesitate to voice your concerns and at least find ways to muffle out what you don’t like that you can’t change. Stay positive. Laugh. Think good thoughts. Avoid gossip. Working together with hands, head, and heart (and ears) takes and makes big WEGOS. I wish you and your coworkers well and that you can listen to some music with which you can sing along.

William Gorden