Self Demotion

Question to Ask the Workplace  Doctors about demotion from supervisor: I can no longer take the work hours of my current supervisory role and balance them sufficiently with family life

I have requested and have been denied a voluntary demotion from my supervisor status to that of a previously held position. I can no longer take the work hours of my current supervisory role and balance them sufficiently with family life. It is extremely troubling to me that my boss would deny such request and have a supervisor in a role that they do not wish to partake in. Changes in the work place have taken a toll on my current job and it no longer resembles the job I originally took on. It seems that my boss has set me up for only two solutions: Get out of my current employment or get demoted due to disciplinary measures. Is there any advice concerning the next step in this process or am I stuck?

Signed, Stuck

Dear Stuck:

Your choices; to be demoted due to discipline or resign; are not to your liking, I assume. This is somewhat confusing because I thought you requested demotion and also because you have the choice to continue in your supervisory position. Sometimes situations into which we sometimes have entered do change. Apparently yours has and/or else your family situation has changed, and that’s not uncommon.

Soooo the question is can you adjust or persist in requesting permission for your role to change. Because seeking work elsewhere often is a beset with uncertainties, I recommend that you hang in there and persist in accommodations in hours or responsibilities that are more manageable for your family life. If you can afford it, you might ask for a leave or part time. If not, you might review ways you might simply your job; task by task. Put these proposals in writing and meet with your superior and/or Human Resources to seek their understanding and help. A squeaky wheel usually gets greased. Go about this in a professional way, stressing your concern for the company and for those whom you supervise and interact.

Pretend you are a creative person or even the general manager of your workplace and propose what you think that individual might do if he/she were creative. Think in terms of cutting wasted supplies, duplication, time, and money. Think innovatively. Think through the meaning in: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Think balance as you have. Work in a must for most of us who are far from being independently wealthy, but it isn’t more important than family. You are right about that.

William Gorden