Send Performance Review to Potential Employer?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sending a performance review:

Is it okay to send a copy of your performance review to a potential employer after a bad reference from a former manager?

Signed, Wondering

Dear Wondering:

Yes, it’s a great idea to save performance reviews for just such reasons. Even if you didn’t have a bad reference, nothing will sell your self-talk so much as positive formal evaluations you received. So, excellent idea! When you send it, the accompanying letter or email should be professional and without serious negative comments about the former supervisor. Just say that you are aware of the negative reference and sorry about it because it doesn’t reflect the work you did. Then you can say that the attached evaluation was submitted formally and represented not only your real ability but the views of your supervisor and the approving manager. (Or whatever fits the situation.) Then, you could add a sentence or two to say that you will perform at the same high levels in the new job.Best wishes in your job search!

Tina Lewis Rowe

Tina Lewis Rowe

Tina had a thirty-three year career in law enforcement, serving with the Denver Police Department from 1969-1994 and was the Presidential United States Marshal for Colorado from 1994-2002. She provides training to law enforcement organizations and private sector groups and does conference presentations related to leadership, workplace communications and customized topics. Her style is inspirational with humor.