Sent Home For Smelling Of Alcohol

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being sent home for smell of alcohol.:

My boss sent me back home accused of smelling of alcohol and I have lost the income for that day. Can I claim my money although even though I did not work that day as I think he did not follow the company procedure and policy to deal with drunk or smelling with alcohol?

Signed, Get It Back

DearĀ Get It Back:

Possibly, you can challenge the procedure was not followed when you were accused you of smelling of alcohol and sent home. Possibly you can get paid even though you didn’t work. You can check with the company’s policy book to determine, if in fact, that there are rules that were was not followed.

However, I would not do that without considering that such an investigation would likely prompt a careful investigation of your behavior. Also consider that it would pit you against your boss or whoever it was that sent you home; accusing him/her of doing wrong. And ask yourself if that will be in your best interest; to have that individual as an enemy.

From here I can’t smell alcohol, but I can’t help but infer from your query that you did smell of alcohol because you do not deny that. So look in the mirror. Were you smelling of alcohol because in fact you had taken that into your body? If not, why did the boss say you smelled of alcohol? If you did come to work in that condition, were there other times in which you had come to work smelling like a still or swill? And consider more important questions, such as: If your job had been that of a doctor and you had come to work smelling of alcohol would the head surgeon been right to send you home? Is it a wise rule to not have employees on the job who have been drinking?

Is there evidence that drinking does no harm by those who have alcohol in their blood? Are the drinking and driving rules unnecessary? You might be offended for me to pose these matters, but if you owned your workplace, I expect that you would have a rule that employees who came to work smelling of alcohol should be sent home. You would not want to pay for damages if an employee, who was found to have been drinking, caused serious harm to another employee or customer.

If these thoughts cause you to pause before charging the boss didn’t follow the rules, they have done as I intend. What is important to you is that your boss and management team sees you as a valued employee you because you are capable and responsible; one they can count on. Therefore, I recommend that you let this pass. Forget about trying to get pay for the day you didn’t work because you were sent home. Forget it unless you have been “done wrong” by being sent home with no hint of alcohol on your breath. Don’t come back with a scowl on your face. Don’t come back complaining to coworkers. Do come back to work to tend to your job. Do come back in good spirit, not with good spirits. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that means your job will be more secure and you’ll be happier if you do all you reasonably can to make your workplace a success.

William Gorden