Sewer Smell in the Bank


Over the past three months we have experienced a very bad sewage type smell in our Bank. Several Staff members have: headaches, vomiting, burning eyes, stomach pains, itchy skin, heavy breathing, coughing. The Bank has tried several methods to solve this but they have not been successful. What can we do?


Something Smells Bad


Dear Something Smells Bad:

Insist that your manager investigate. You and your coworkers’ headaches and the other indicators you describe are more than enough reason to insist and persist. Insist that your manager call plumbers and/or your local health department. Banks might never smell as inviting as a bakery, but they should not smell like sewage, no matter how serious is this recession. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that means putting health and safety up front. Please keep us posted on what you learn.

William Gorden