sexual harassment and swearing


My husband is being investigated for sexual harassment because he swears at work. He says the f word alot. Can they fire him for this? And should we seek legal counsel?


Under Investigation


DearĀ Under Investigation:

Yes, it would be wise to seek legal counsel. Usually, attorneys do not charge for an exploratory interview to learn if one has a case of need to be defended. However, I do not advise that he tell his employer that he has sought counsel at this time. F words can be perceived as creating a climate that is harassing or creating a hostile environment. Often it is general habit of expressing annoyance,but can be taken differently. We do not provide legal advice; however, I may be able to float your query by an attorney. If I get an opinion I will pass it on.

It always good to put our selves in one another’s shoes. That is WEGO mindedness and part of being a good employee and employer.

William Gorden