Should A Doctor Nip More Than Doctoring?


If a patient likes their doctor more than just the “patient doctor relationship,” and the doctor refuses to see the patient anymore (because the doctor is aware of it), can he/she legally do that?


Attracted To


Dear Attracted To:

To the best of my knowledge, a doctor can refuse to see a patient for any reason. Our site does not answer legal questions; however, I suggest that a doctor is wise to terminate a patient who expresses a desire for more than a doctor-patient relationship. Why? Because should communication or touching intimate sexual intentions, that doctor risks being sued for sexual imposition. And if a real non-patient relationship were possible, it would be more probable if the doctor-patient relationship had been terminated for a reasonable time before such might begin.

Does this make sense to you? Considering the implications of client/customer relations is thinking WEGO.

William Gorden