Should I Apply For Management?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about applying for a manager position: I want it to give this opportunity a try, but then it will limit me to just manager positions in future job-hunting if I were to leave the company.

First of all…thank you for having this website. My history is that I’ve been with my company a little over two years. During those two years, I’ve been promoted to team lead and received three raises. I get along with my team and fellow coworkers. My job requires a lot of attention and assistance to my team as well as the other teams. I enjoy what I do but there are times when it can be stressful. My manager (whom I enjoy working with) has decided to resign. Her position is now open.

My Director told me and the other team leader that the position is open to us if we want to apply. He will also be looking outside of the company. I am in a 50:50 position. I want it to give this opportunity a try, but then it will limit me to just manager positions in future job-hunting if I were to leave the company.

Signed, Undecided

Dear Undecided:

You sound like the kind of worker many companies would like in their organization–good team and interactive skills, supervision, ambition, etc. Regarding the essence of your decision, here are some thoughts: It’s great that you are happy in your current position because you have little to lose.

Regarding the stress levels, that are common for many workers and jobs today–Yahoo did a whole series through their Hot Jobs site a few months ago. If you end up staying in your current position, you might consider ways to minimize stress, both on being more proactive in looking and planning ahead, and in how you and your teams respond by boosting team problem-solving skills.

Regarding the new opportunity that has opened up, have you taken some time to write down your long-term goals and dreams? Where do you see yourself in the next 3-to 5 years or beyond? Where do you really want to be? And does this management opportunity fit those goals? What about this management position? Do you have a thorough understanding of what the responsibilities (and rewards) will be? One thing you might want to keep in mind:

If you get the position and leave later on, other positions will probably still be open to you–you won’t necessarily have to stay in management. Aside from being an employee, there could be consulting or other leadership roles. At the same time, if you leave later on, employers often look for employees that showed advancement and ambition in their career paths. Moving up can be a great sign of your drive and ambition.In short, outline where you want to be in the future. Then compare that to your current position and this new opportunity. See if the new possibility is a good fit with your goals. I hope these suggestions are helpful.Steve Carney WEGO is understanding our goals so we make better win-win choices.

Steve Carney