Should I Be Paid For No Work?


I want to know if I should be paid for 4 hours because I came to work the day after Thanksgiving and there was only 1½ hours worth of work for me to do. I heard that somewhere along the line.


On The Job, Didn’t Work


Dear On The Job, Didn’t Work:

It is standard for an employee to be paid for “only” the hours that she/he works. Sometimes an employee will be paid time and half for working on a holiday but this is a predetermined thing–a company policy to do so. Some companies have a policy if employees are “on call” and called in to work they would be paid at base number of hours, say two/four hours or the total number of hours worked. Again this is a company policy. Some companies will pay an employee one hour for each phone call they receive while at home, off the clock — they are sorta being paid for their expertise. Again this is a company policy. If your company does not have a policy that addresses this issue, you should discuss it with your supervisor, human resources, or the appropriate supervisory person. Perhaps the company will agree to give you four hours for the one/half that you actually worked. Communication will be key to the question. Best of luck. Good working relations hinges on communication and a WEGO attitude.

Gerald Allen