Should I Be Upset?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about unfair pay:

I work with two other women in a medical billing office. I am a biller. We have one full time collector and the third person that they hired approx. 6 months ago is a part time biller and part time collector. The full time collector and part time collector gets a bonus. The bonus is based on the amt of money that has come in at the end of the month. Their goal is based on the amt that was billed 60 days ago.

If the amt comes in at the end of the month that was billed 60 days ago then they automatically receive $150 flat and then .01 percent (which usually comes out to be approx. the amt of two weeks regular pay). The “clean claims” that are paid within 30 days of being billed (which is what I have billed out and part of what the part time biller/collector) has done and is being counted in on the amt that the collector and part time collector are getting their bonus on, yet no collection called was made and the turn around time was 30 days.

This has really bothered me and it makes it hard to work the other two ladies in our office knowing that the collectors are getting a bonus on some of my work, something they have not had to make a call on.I did talk to my supervisor about this and she tried to smooth everything over and tell me it was based on the amount billed (which doesn’t matter, is what matters is the clean claims billed in the past 30 days that they are getting to count as collections yet no collection calls were made) so needless to say nothing happened. Yet if it weren’t for the amount that was received from the “Clean Claims” the collectors WOULD NOT have received a bonus. Should I be upset about this?If so, how should I handle this? Thank you.

Signed, The Collector

Dear The Collector:

You should not be upset at all by this. You could be doing the collections also and not get a bonus. The collectors’ bonus structure is based upon a percentage of accounts receivables. The time factor is irrelevant because that was not part of their bonus package, only what the office receives. They will have good months and make more than you and bad months and make less than you. Their job depends on money coming in. If it doesn’t then ALL OF YOU are out a job. So thank them when they make a lot. Think WEGO. Act WEGO.

Daniel P. Kearney, HR Manager, Guest Respondent