Should I Learn How To Bitch?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to bitch:

I work for a very large credit card company. I am in the process of changing managers, but not departments. Last week my current manager, my new manager and I had a meeting to discuss my performance. My current manager said that I am very strong in certain areas, but other areas I need to be more of a “bitch”. And then listed off to which I could be a bitch. I generally like my current and new manager and love the company. However I don’t’ feel this was appropriate and don’t know what my next steps should be. Help!

Signed, Uncertain What He Wants

Dear Uncertain What He Wants:

With the limited information provided, I will offer this advice. I can only assume that the current manager was trying to tell you that you should be more aggressive in dealing with certain employees in your department under your supervision. The manager probably pointed out some issued that you needed to “bitch” about to those individuals. This was probably related to their performance that obviously needed some improvement. On the other hand, it appears that he named other individuals who perhaps according to him was satisfactory in their job expectations and therefore would not need your constant close supervisor, advice and corrective actions.

Your challenge will be to determine exactly what he meant. For sure he is telling you that one of your weaknesses is dealing with your supervisory skills as it relates to pointing out employee weakness. I would very carefully document your evaluation actions taken with employees under your supervision during the next evaluation period. This will be time consuming but should prove helpful as you work with employee evaluations. Good luck. Working together effectively is a learning process. That hinges on listening and responding with a clear head and big heart–what we call WEGO. Put your faith in asking questions and careful observation. Do keep us posted on what you learn and do. The Workplace Doctors

Gerald Allen, Guest Respondent HR Manager