Should I Resign Or Be Fired?


My principal observed me 4 times. Said I was not good at teaching (Special Ed). He warned me the 1st year that he would terminate me if he saw no significant improvement. This year, 2nd year, he observed me 2 times. This last time, he saw improvement, but I guess it was not significant enough because he asked me to resign, stating, “Maybe this career isn’t for you.”

Why is my career being trashed over ONE MAN’S opinion? I do have 2 observations from my Mentor Teacher who said that I did well??? I know he did not want to hire me because he told me day one that he had no choice because the Board hired me without consulting him. I do not want to voluntarily resign. After all, I am rather new. How will I ever get a teaching job now?


Should I Resign?


Dear Should I Resign?:

You appear to be in an unfortunate situation. I have more than 30 years of work experience in education as both a teacher and administrator, and I have seen similar situations and the administration will prevail. You probably should resign and begin looking for a position with another school system. If the principal does not recommend you for reemployment for another year, this would be much worse on your record than resigning. You could “fight it,” but since you do not have tenure you probably would have come out on top. I could suggest several things that you could possibly do to bring about “significant improvements,” but I believe it is too late to have any impact. About this time of the year, teachers are asked to put in writing if they want to be recommended for reemployment for the following year. Use this instrument to say that you would like to be recommended for reemployment but you plan to resign and seek employment with another system.

Best of luck. See even difficult to swallow criticism as a learning experience. Seek help and support from those with experience. Do not let this one unhappy experience sour you. That is the WEGO spirit.

Gerald Allen