Shoved By Boss’s Son.


I work in a small store in a small community where my boss is highly influential. His two sons also work there with him, and they are very much like the other employee’s bosses, too. It was one of these who shoved me while yelling at me for some nonsense but he did not cause me any physical harm–but I know it was wrong. I can not get anyone to help me; is there anything that I can do legally or can he get away with this?




Dear Shoved:

How long ago were you shoved and yelled at? And for what kind of nonsense? Have you spoken with your superior about this? Did you get an apology? Did others witness the incident? What do you want done to right this situation? These are questions that have been and/or will be asked by whomever your report this? Once you think through what you want, put it in writing and take it to your employer and learn what will be done. How many co-workers and others have you told this? If you have talked about it, is that wise in a small community? Can you assert your self, asking and insisting on being treated with respect? Isn’t that what you want? If so, assert your self and do not repeat and repeat it. If it happens again, report it to authorities where you work and to the police if you want to press charges or to an attorney. I think the best course, if you do not get an apology and the respect each employee deserves, is to vote with your feet. Life is too short to work with those who do not control their temper. Think of how you can stand up for your self and what you can do to make where you work a really good place. Or go elsewhere. Think WEGO

William Gorden