Some Get By- Others Get Reprimanded!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about fairness in reprimands:

I have a colleague at work, if required to follow company practice, then ignores procedure and then flaunts his actions. But if then a fellow employee takes similar action, he is reprimanded. This is unfair treatment.

Signed, Unfair?

DearĀ Unfair?:

Joe is told by his dad to mow the lawn on the weekend but instead plays soccer. Dad mows it and never says a word to Joe. Adam, brother to Joe, is assigned by his mother to take out the garbage once a week and forgets to do so. Dad grounds Adam for a week. Unfair? Right. Why does dad treat the brothers differently? There may be reasons. Dad may simply treat the sons differently because of an oversight, failure of his memory, or he may have Adam’s mother on his back about the garbage. Adam calls up his girlfriend and angrily tells her he is grounded and that his dad ignores Joe’s failure to mow the lawn. Adam pouts about the house and acts like life sucks!Bosses are not always consistent and they may favor one subordinate over another. Possibly the subordinate, who ignores a rule, is more efficient or pleasant and consequently the boss lets it pass, whereas another, who breaks a rule, has ignored other rules too and has a negative attitude.

So you are frustrated because a boss treats one co-worker differently. What do you do about that? Grouse about the boss’ unfair treatment to your co-worker buddy or wife? Are you a complainer and one you just does what he is told and nothing more? Or do you ask the boss why? My advice is to put your faith in voicing what does not seem fair, not to someone else, but directly to the boss. Learn why. Also, if you are the one who thinks you are unfairly treated, rather than complain to your buddy or wife, consider how you might earn the respect and goodwill of the boss. Ask yourself if you have a pleasant, supportive, cheer leading, cooperative attitude. Do you think of ways to improve your job? Do you find ways to cut wasted supplies, time, and effort? If your answer is yes to these questions, I predict that the boss will give you some slack should you ignore a rule.

To be frustrated and angry about unfair treatment is natural, but how you speak up to find out why can label you a complainer or one who simply wants to be treated equally. Be a problem solver rather than focusing on what is not fair. Think of your job as being a member of a team. Think WEGO. Let me know if this make sense?

William Gorden