Sometimes I’m Homesick

Whenever I want to go home, I always let the department know at least two weeks in advance. Then they start to question my wanting to go home. They always want to know if it’s an emergency or if there is a death in the family. They feel like it has to be some urgent reason for me to up and leave and see my family. How do I express to them that there doesn’t have to be an urgent reason, I just want to see my family? –Signed, Sometimes Homesick

Dear Sometimes Homesick

It’s natural to want to see your family from time to time. Management should not grill you as if it is an emergency. However, you need to discuss with your company’s policy regarding time off and fit your visits accordingly. If you request two weeks off outside of vacation time, is it not natural  for management to ask if it is an emergency? Have you discussed with your immediate superior about the amount of time allowed off work each year? Most bosses want those they supervise to be happy, and I expect yours does. 

A frank talk with your boss about loneliness for family should make clear what amount time off is acceptable an lessen your hesitancy to make a request. Discuss that you chose Cincinnati because of how much you like it. Also how much you miss your family, some who are aging. At this time of COVID, you can mention the fact that your contacts outside of work are limited now. 

Also arrange with your family to make calls weekly–perhaps on smartphones that enables you to see them as you talk. Our daughter who is 400 hundred miles away from us does that. Most of all, your manager and coworkers want to know you are engaged and committed to your work and them.  Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. –William Gorden