Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors:

My boss swore at me because another employee called out sick.

Signed, Don’t Like It

Dear┬áDon’t Like It:

Some bosses have a habit of venting their displeasure by swearing. However, you need not be the target of swearing. It can make you feel as though a curse has been placed on you. Therefore, you might ignore it once, but be prepared the next time to say, “Boss, I can see you are angry, but don’t swear at me. That doesn’t help. I’ll try my best to help you solve this problem if you will let me.”

Bosses feel the responsibility of making a workplace run smoothly and when someone doesn’t show, it is frustrating. Swearing for some bosses is natural and that doesn’t make them bad individuals. They simply haven’t learned that targeting someone with swearing causes more trouble and is unproductive.

Swearing by a boss indicates that you don’t have a good working relationship. Talking with him/her about how that might be more effective and pleasant is not something about which you should be shy. Read several of the Q&As on our site and you will see that talk about talk can help. There are rules about good communication between boss and bossed that can make your working life and that of your boss more effective. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that includes you and your boss.

William Gorden