Job Flexibility/ Priority Declaration

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about work absence because a sick child:

Hi, I am a single parent with a 15 month old daughter. I attend college full time and I work part time. My boss doesn’t have children so when my daughter gets sick and I want to stay home she acts really funky about.The very first time I asked to stay home with my daughter because she had an ear infection in both ears, my boss said, “Well you told me that your mother could watch her. You don’t need to be home with her.” I felt very hurt about that. I am looking for another job that has flexibility to the point that I can stay home a day with my ill child. This is her first year in daycare and the sicknesses are striking her. I don’t want to stay home with her EVERY time, just when she needs me bad. How do I tell the interviewer of another job that I need flexibility?

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