Avoiding Judgment of Non-Participators

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about those who don’t participate: It’s not good to judge others, but what can you do to get non-participators to come on board?

What can members of a team do to not pass judgment on another team member who does not participate? How do you get him/her to come on board?

Signed, Get On Board

DearĀ Get On Board:

Yours is a common question because team member’s commitment and effort often are not equal. Forget not being judgmental. It’s impossible not to become aware of members who don’t pull their own weight. The issue is then bound up in your second question: How do you get a non-participant to come on board? There is a generic answer of how to cope with such behavior constructively; however, each situation hinges on the task and composition of its team. Therefore, analysis of your situation entails first-hand knowledge of the history of your team and the rewards that come from working together effectively and/or penalties for not.

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