Wrongfully Accused of Stealing!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about falsely accused of stealing:

Two weeks ago I came home from work and about 10 minutes later my boss calls me. He asked me if I saw a money order on the counter. I told him “Yeah, I saw it and it was on the clipboard and I moved the CLIPBOARD to the other side of the counter so no one would take it.” He said OK and hung up the phone.

Today, I go to pick up my check and he calls me into the office and starts telling me about another employee. He said “Last week, I caught an employee stealing a pop”. I said “OK?” Then he goes on about how when he caught him he was more mad that he lied about it. I finally asked “You are telling me this, WHY?” He tells me that they caught me on camera stealing the money order. I WAS LIVID. I immediately start crying and screaming at this man. I have NEVER stolen anything from anyone. He tells me to tell the truth. I tell him I AM. I tell him the same thing I told him 2 weeks ago. It may have looked like I moved it, but I never took ANYTHING off that clipboard. Please help me in the next step.

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