Accused of Stealing

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of stealing:

A coworker blamed me for taking one hundred dollars from her office. I DID NOT DO THIS I DON’T STEAL !!

Signed, Honest

Dear Honest:

I can imagine it would be very frustrating and frightening to be accused of stealing.Sadly, when someone is missing money they start looking around for someone else to blame. In this case you may have been the only one in the room and the employee just jumped to a conclusion.If you didn’t take it there will be no proof showing that you did, so nothing more can happen. But, you should talk to your supervisor to say that it’s unfair for the employee to accuse you and you would like for her to be directed to stop. You can also ask for assistance in getting any rumors stopped.Hopefully you have such a reputation for honesty that none of this will be believed anyway. Try to avoid talking badly about the accusing employee and try to let this die down on its own.Best wishes to you with this situation. If you have the time, let us know what happens.

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