Falsely Accussed Of A Racial Slur

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of racist slur.

A coworker (new employee, who has not made probation period, falsely accused me of making a racial slur to him. It is being investigated by HR, and I am off work on paid status. Can I be terminated for this?

Signed, I Didn’t

DearĀ I Didn’t:

It is understandable that when one is placed on leave that your organization takes accusations of racial matters seriously. HR’s investigation should determine if the accusation has substance. If it finds you guilty, you could be disciplined and/or fired. However, you have a right to defend yourself and if you are heavily disciplined, penalized or fired, and you are firm in your belief that you that the accusation is false, you can seek the help of an attorney.

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