Falsely Accuse of Racism

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of racial discrimination:

Can an employee get fired when he gets falsely accused by a customer? He has been with the same company for 18 years with nothing in his file. But now he’s getting accused of racial discrimination from a customer. And now he is under investigation from his company. If they have no evidence, he can’t get demoted or fired just because he is being accused?

Signed, Worried 

Dear Worried:

It sounds as though this is happening to a friend of yours or perhaps a spouse or family member. I’m sure this is a stressful time. Hopefully the investigation will show that nothing wrong occurred or that they can’t prove anything wrong occurred, and the problem will go away. His long time with the company should help.The truth is that an organization can demote or fire someone for any reason or for no reason.

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