Falsely Accused of Stealing.

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accusation of stealing:

I have never taken anything from my job at a big electronic store) without paying for it. Today a man from the company’s Asset and Loss Prevention took me into the office and asked me to tell him about what was stolen. He said that they already know what I have done, but want me to tell them everything I’ve stolen so they can “consider my cooperation in the final decision-making process”.

I have never stolen anything, nor have I served as an accomplice. The man made me sign a statement form that had a check mark by status: Accused. He refused to tell me what I am accused off, or who accused me.The entire time I was in the office, the man continued to threaten me about ‘consequences’ and stated that I was lying to him. I was finally let out of the office after the man said he would be seeing me again very soon. The department I used to work for in has recently been missing $18,000 of merchandise. For the past three months however, I have been in other departments.

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