Accused of Being High At Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about accused of being high:

Can my manager accuse me of being high, even though I do not smoke weed, and have never gotten high?

Signed, Wrongly Accused

Dear Wrongly Accused:

There are no laws or regulations about accusing an employee of being under the influence of drugs, but your company or business may have an HR section that has policies about such things. Often the policies of a company state how a manager can inform an employee of suspected wrong-doing and how an investigation will be conducted about it. You don’t say what happened or how all of this came about. It could be that your manager was using the idea of you being high as a way to say you are not focused on work, rather than a real accusation about using drugs. Or, something else may have led your manager to believe you were, in fact, under the influence of something.

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