Job Duties Being Added Unfairly

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about assigned to a new task:

I’m pretty much at the bottom of the barrel at my job, doing medical records. My General Manager has asked me to do “facility contract audits”. I was hired to do medical records, and I feel completely uncomfortable doing this task. If I screw up, this is VERY important documentation. Having said that, this is the Office Manager’s job, and for the 4 yrs that I’ve worked here, it’s always been the OM’s job to do this. But, she is very slow, and I believe the GM and her have a “personal” relationship, because he always passes the buck, and slowly her job duties are taken away. Others feel the same way, but no action is taken.I feel taken advantage of, and threatened if I say I don’t want to do it. Please help.

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