Publicly Berated Teacher!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about client public criticism:

At the school district in which I am a teacher, a meeting was held to make parents aware of the remedial services (basic skills) that are being provided to their children. This meeting included a large number of parents, teachers and an administrator. At this meeting I was berated by one of my student’s parents as being a horrible teacher. This parent not only pointed and said my name, but she was allowed to tell everyone that she wants her child pulled from my room. She just went on and on and on about how bad I was as a teacher and how a colleague was such a wonderful teacher. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I just kept waiting and hoping that the supervisor, who called this meeting, would stop her…but she did nothing.My question is: Do I have the right to file a grievance against this supervisor for not stopping this parent as soon as the verbal assault started? My district has a harassment code…but I’m not sure if it applies. It states: The board shall maintain an instructional and working environment that is free from harassment of any kind. Administrators and supervisors will make it clear to all staff, students and vendors that harassment is prohibited.I feel that it was the supervisor’s responsibility to protect my rights as an employee. She called the meeting and allowed the parent to continue for an extended period of time without intervening. I do understand that there are bullies out there and no one needs a license to be a parent, but if this type of verbal attack is allowed it opens the door to anything goes. There must be some code of ethics that applies to this situation. I would greatly appreciate any input you could give me on this matter.

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