Consensual Affair Turns to Harassment

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an affair that turns to harassment: Boss made demands; he got very mean and threatened me because “he had enough evidence to drag my name through the mud like the piece of “sh!t I am”.

I have been working for my employer for almost 8 years under one manager – who at times I would even describe as a best-friend. My boss and I were on a business trip and he made an advance I succumbed to due to being highly intoxicated – as was he. When we got home from our trip we discussed this was a bad idea, but that it was a little fun. The next thing I know – he’s giving me money to have my breasts done, knowing I was self conscious about this part of my body. He and I had a 4 month consensual relationship mostly via texts (which I deleted) and emails (also deleted). He made a lot of demands on me for my attention, fighting with me if I didn’t offer photos or enough time on the phone.

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