Sitting Next to Madness

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about annoying coworker:

I work in a normal office environment, for the most part. Business casual dress, light conversations. An environment with order but not too strict. It’s simple Data Entry so it’s nothing too challenging either. My day-to-day challenge is the woman I sit next to. She is usually dressed like it’s laundry day with stained clothes, ungroomed hair and mild body odor. But even with those things I am able to cope. It’s the fact that she is constantly talking to herself, twitching, pointing at things that aren’t there, laughing for seeming no reason, then gasping like she forgot to breathe several seconds later, dancing when she isn’t listening to music, constantly, and I do mean every 10 minutes, eating which may include dancing or more self-conversation and sucking on her teeth even more often, grabbing her chest, slapping her stomach, and many other random things that honestly worry me about her mental state.

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