New Job Not Working Out

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boring new job:

I took a new position but after 4 weeks I am totally bored out of my mind. All the promises made just were not true. I have since received another offer closer to home with more money. How long should I stay with my current position?

Signed, How Long Should I Stay?

Dear How Long Should I Stay?:

Nothing is ever easy to decide, is it? There are some obvious reasons for staying in a job at least a year: It provides you a chance to learn new skills and gain knowledge and you need time for both of those. It shows your ability to stick to a project or task, as well as a job. It implies you were successful and not forced to leave.On the other hand, some jobs are only jobs, not career moves or major opportunities and leaving them is not so devastating, especially if you find you were misled or just mistaken.

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