What Can I Expect If I Apply For Another Position?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about applying for another position:

I work in a small hospital. I am thinking of applying for another position outside of my current department. What are some possible side effects I might incur from my current boss if I do or don’t get the other job? The other job would be a director’s position so I would be his peer. Thank you.

Signed, Anxious

Dear Anxious:

You can expect your boss to feel resentful if she/he has not been informed of your interest and intentions. And there is no way that your boss will not know if you apply. Those who make hiring decisions will want to know how your boss evaluates you and if she/he would support such a move. Have you a good working relationship with your boss? Have you voiced your concerns about the quality and effectiveness of what goes on in your small hospital? Have you shown an interest in learning all you can about its various departments?

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