Talking About A Raise

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about:

I sent the Dear John memo below a month ago and still haven’t heard back. My boss did acknowledge he received it, but has said nothing more. How long should I wait until I ask again or mention it? Did I say the right things in my letter? As a trusted employee I know that our sales are up over 35% over the last year.

Good Morning John, As you know, it has been over a year since my last favorable review/pay increase. At that time we talked about what my goal in pay was and where *** was able to meet me. Since then, I have continued to prove my value to *** in a variety of ways: Implementing a solid tracking system for all ****** Shipments, Suggesting implementation of late letters for past due freight bills, Acquiring & Maintaining new customers, continuing to learn more about the company and how we come to pricing customers, etc.

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