Supervisor Unreasonable?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss assigning hours that are unreasonable:

I have been at my present job just over a year. I was hired for 24 hours a week, and I made it clear that I wanted part-time and no more hours or full time. I worked with a number of the people at our previous job (where we were all fired), and they knew I rarely worked extra hours and worked part time 3 nights a week. When I started this new job, I put in 50-60 hours a week helping get it started. I was told I would get my part-time hours and how they had to watch hours more carefully. I was also told when I had to work a Saturday, I would get an extra weekday off so I wouldn’t go over 24 hours. I have never worked just 24 hours…usually a few hours over which is fine and I do not get that extra weekday off when I work a Sat., again that’s okay with me. I have been lied to about what my schedule would be from the start.

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