About To Get The Booby Prize

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about award for lowest sales:

I work in a small financial institution. We are a mature group of people with many years of experience. We are all on 100% commission and all of us have a client base of our own. Those who have been in the business longer typically have more clients and simply manage what they have. I am the newest one in the company and I’m still at the “building stage”. But I am definitely not a rookie.A recently “self appointed” national sales manager has decided to obtain the phone reports on our office phone. He stated that he thinks business generation is directly tied to how many calls someone makes on the phone. Naturally, as the person with least amount of clients, my call log shows the least amount of calls. I work very hard and often use my cell phone anyway. He told me two weeks ago that I would be getting the “cupcake” award at the next company meeting for the least amount of phone calls. I asked him to re-consider his decision because I would be very humiliated upon being singled out like that in front of everyone. He said he didn’t ask for my opinion and he doesn’t want my opinion. The meeting is on Tuesday and I can’t sleep and I can’t stop thinking about it. I am dreading this. I keep planning how I will react, or maybe have a snappy comeback – but I’m afraid to make any sort of response now. By the way, making unsolicited phone calls to people is not part of the job process.

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