Boss Puts Us In Danger, Then Makes Fun Of Us!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a lead who fails to provide safe working conditions and also gossips about teammates.                   :

There is a Team Lead at my workplace that I often find is not taking her position in a professional manner. There have been numerous times when this Team Lead has not taken my co-workers concerns on safety issues seriously. Instead of helping solve the problem correctly, she gives them a quick fix, which I believe is more hazardous to my co-workers. For example: My co-worker unloads the trucks at work and often cannot see the heavy boxes that are hidden on top of everything, thus he ends up getting injured due to the hidden box falling on top of him. He told our Team Lead so she could e-mail the Distribution Center like she is suppose to about such issues but instead she told him to get a stool and put it in the truck to check for hidden boxes. However, the truck is slanted and the stool she provided him has wheels on it, which could cause more harm to my co-worker than the falling box.

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