Should I Make Changes If I Have Been Fired?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to respond better to workplace conflicts and problems. 

Unfortunately, I lost my job recently due to my temper tantrum. There were MANY factors that contributed to this, but ultimately, I understand that I was the one at fault because I should’ve handled the situation professionally, addressed any concerns immediately and should’ve NEVER tolerated rude behaviors of others repeatedly.

However, I can’t help but still feel angry because I tolerated the unkindness and injustice from several people ever since I started working there. I was stuck working in the same room with one employee pretty much all day. She did not have a pleasant personality and constantly badmouthed other employees. She made problems out of nothing. She would curse and throw her tantrums when she was under pressure to meet deadlines. When someone came in the room just to greet me (sometimes both of us), she would get so angry that she complained about it to the owner. This list goes on. Everyone knew how she is, but decided to keep her around anyway, because despite her difficult personality, she’s good at her job.

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Boss Should Be Fired, Not Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired:

My boss did not train me properly and misguided me. She did not attend to any of my questions and when I sent in my expenses,she did not check to see if there was a mistake. When I asked her, I had no idea what I was doing.

She did not look through my expenses before approving them and sending them to the accounting department. The accounting department noticed my expenses and she told them it was my fault and I was trying to expense on the company’s money. She called me and said she never checks them and she isn’t going to take the blame.I advised her she never trained me and I reached out to her before.

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