How To Avoid Being Black-Balled For Promotion

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being blackballed:

Approximately 6 mos ago, I was moved into an interim mgmt position to be transitioned to a permanent mgmt position. Before agreeing to the interim position, I confirmed w/the director that I would be maintaining ‘status quo’ until the new mgr for this team of employees (who were my peers) was onboarded (approx. 6 wks). 3 days into the interim position (which I was expected to do in addition to my former job), the director came to me and asked that I go to my team and let them know their productivity standards were being increased (a deviation from the status quo we had agreed on).

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Being Blackballed?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about threat of termination:

I was told that a director at my workplace “had it out for me” and would try to have me fired based on jealousy issues of my advancements being faster than the director’s advancements. One day, I told a joke in front of several employees (one being a black man) that stated, “A BLIND man walked into a store with a seeing eye dog, started to wave the dog over his head in circles. The manager asked if he could be of assistance, the blind man said, ‘No, I’m just looking around” I was approached by this director the next day, who stated to me that the joke was misconstrued into a BLACK man walked into a bar with a seeing eye dog.

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