Lending and borrowing money from co-workers

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about borrowing/lending money to coworkers:

Typically I don’t lend out money, period. I try to be responsible and manage my money until the next pay day. However, with times being rough for all including myself, and for the first time in my life, I too have had to borrow money.As a result, I have compassion for those that I care about and bent my own rules. I lent a couple of co-workers money. One co-worker has responsibly paid me back right after pay day each of the few times he has borrowed money. The other co-worker has not. I have had to ask him for it and have gotten the response that he will pay me when he gets paid. When pay day comes, nothing and I’m forgotten. Another paid period goes by still no money. A repeated pattern has been established. I feel built up frustration towards this co-worker and I don’t want to have to work this way. Any suggestions.

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