My Attorney Boss Is Abusive

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about verbal abuse of boss:

Thank you for being here, when I most definitely need your advice! My boss who is an attorney has been verbally abusive for months now. Everyone on the floor (surrounding area)has heard her. Today she got physical and actually poked my chin! Would you consider this a good reason to take the next step, which would be of course, file a suit for harassment?

Signed, Work For A Bully

Dear Work For A Bully:

Harassment should be stopped! A law suit is one way to stop it; however, since you are within a law office or within a company in which your boss is an attorney, you know that a legal path has many twists and turns, is costly, and even should you win, can hurt your own career. For example, how many employers do you think would want to hire you if you won such a case? And do you think if you won a case for harassment, you would get enough money from it to tide you over until you got another job?

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