What Rights As A Supervisor?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about supervisor accused of bullying: What are my rights as the supervisor being unjustly accused without written documentation of the allegation (s)?

Approximately 3 months ago my manager called me into his office stating that approximately 5 of my employees are accusing me of bullying. I think the reason for this charge is due to my adhering to the rules when these employees have had “free reign” in the past. This includes being tardy for work, leaving early, taking extended lunch breaks etc. Prior to my tenure as supervisor I was supervisor in this department for 10 years at which time I was “walked out of the company” with several of my colleagues due to restructuring of the company. A third party sub-contracted with that company and was informed to hire me so that I may return to the same job as supervisor before yet now being employed by the sub-contractor.

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