Boss Makes Blonde Comments

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about stereotype remarks about hair:

What should I do about my boss always telling me that I’m blonde?

Signed, Tired of Hearing It

Dear Tired of Hearing It:

I assume you mean that your boss says your mistakes or misunderstandings at work are because you are a blonde, or that you may not be a blonde, but you act like one—meaning that blondes aren’t very intelligent. “Blonde jokes” are out-of-date and never were funny. They are a movie stereotype from decades ago: Silly, self-absorbed, focused more on shallow conversation than on work–and not being skillful about their work when it requires intelligence and good judgment. What a stereotype to assign to a hair color, based on movies! Sometimes, such remarks are meant in an affectionate and friendly way and are not meant to imply the person is lacking in intelligence. However, sometimes such remarks are meant in an insulting way. Rather than saying, “That was a stupid thing for you to do!” the person says, “There you go, doing your blonde thing again!”

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