URGENT: My Boss Borrows My Money

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss borrowing money: She’s questioning my work quality, quantity and integrity. And, she has even had her husband, who she has been trying to get hired, come in for an interview. I need advice fast as I am sick to my stomach of potentially losing my job.

Hello there! I am emailing for advice because we have been under a lot of pressure at work. We are understaffed and under Federal deadlines. On top of that, my supervisor asked me for a loan three times. Although she paid me back for the first time, recently on 3/22/10 she asked to borrow $350 dollars more, and now on 4/22 she sent me an email text that made we feel like I had to loan her the money because she said that “It will have to be the same way as last time, that is through a bank transfer from my account to her banking institution.” Which I did while I was at work.

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