Our Boss Brings Her Sick Kids To Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss who breaks sick policy:

I work at childcare center and we are really good with sick policy with kids who comes in with runny nose or cough etc. We tell the parents that you have take your kid home (we bring our kids to work also). The problem is that our BOSS brings her kids to work as we do, but she brings them in even when they are sick. I and other co-workers are really get tired of taking care her kids that she should take home and care for. It’s getting so bad that the staff and staff’s kids are getting sick from my boss’s kids, including my baby which I ended up staying home for six days and almost taking her to the hospital.In the past, when we all have told her that her son or daughter is sick, she gets very angry or snap at us or cries. This makes us very uncomfortable to talk to her now. I even said in the meeting one time if you guys see my two daughters are getting sick or looked sick, please let me know, and I will go home without saying boo to other co-workers. It seems that she still didn’t get the message from this. All the staff was getting fed up with this; so I decided to go THE BOSS above her. It looks like that I really wasted my time talk to her boss.What should I do?? Whenever her kids get sick, I should go home so that my kids won’t get sick. It should be other way around!!!!

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